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Consulting work

KGH is a design consultant with a disciplin in Industrial Design. She has the curiosity and understanding and flexibility to reach across traditional inter-disciplinary boundaries. KGH is culturly encourages the idea of synergistic blending and integrations of other specialist skills.So you can benefit not only from her expert field but from other individuals depth of knowledge and experience her teams combination to strengthen the project.


My Philosophy


KGH adds value by improving the success of product innovation. Through an intelligent approach to design, based on the transparent management of risks, informed decision making, true intergration of disciplines and rigorous development processes.


She believes that the outstanding commercial success of the products she helps creates are dependent ultimately on delivering exceptional value to your customer.


She provides the right blend of strategic thinking and pragmatism to deliver your project successfully.


WIth balancing the creativity and the technical dicipline needed to achieve commercially successful product innovation.


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